Migraine Pain Prevention

Migraines can be very infuriating for those who suffer from regular attacks. Some severe headaches can last for hours or even days and drain energy from the body, making you irritated and uncomfortable. Not many know however many migraines can be results of by dental issues. A very common cause of migraines is teeth clenching due to stress or unconscious clenching at night. This cause often goes unnoticed as people don’t usually think of consulting a dentist for headaches. But a short visit to the dentist can bring a positive and pleasant change in your life.

At MM Family and Sleep Dentistry we offer some migraine pain prevention methods that are safe.

Splints are smaller in size than mouth guards and are comfortable to wear. During your stress hours or while sleeping, splints can help you reduce the effect of clenching and in turn prevent migraines. They are much cheaper than prescription drugs and come with a host of advantages. Apart from preventing migraines, splints also assist in reducing the risk of damaged teeth and TMJ, which are caused by excessive clenching.

Contact us today if you are constantly suffering from migraines and believe its a dental related issue.