Implant Restoration

Though teeth have a relatively strong structure, sometimes they can easily be broken in an accident, a rough sports injury, infection or because of deteriorating tooth health with growing age. That doesn’t mean however that you have to live with a missing tooth. Through implant restoration you may have  your teeth back in no time.

People with missing teeth become self conscious and develop a habit of giving a restricted smile. Instead of compromising your smile, you can opt for a dental implant which places an artificial tooth in place of the missing tooth in such a way that it looks like you never lost it.

At MM Family and Sleep Dentistry, implant restoration is done with careful planning.

First the broken tooth and its root is completely removed and a metal abutment is attached to the bone which forms a firm base for an implant. Once the area is healed, an artificial tooth is attached to the abutment, making a stern bond. The preparation of the artificial tooth is done with much deliberation and precision. Once the process is complete it has a very natural feel to it.

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