Full Mouth Restoration

Many factors may be responsible for severely damaged teeth. Owing to reasons like congenital imperfections, severe injury or old age, the structure of the mouth can become unbalanced and troublesome.

Uneven, damaged, missing or misplaced teeth can come in the way of the most basic activities like chewing and speaking properly. Inhibition and social awkwardness can be a result of unhealthy dental condition, if one has skewed or missing teeth. People with such defects become more and more conscious about their appearance.

Apart from causing social discomfort, an improper state of teeth may result in problems like migraines, pain while chewing, tooth breakage and consequent damage to the gums. A full mouth restoration is a dental restorative method which encompasses many complicated procedures such as implants, crowns, bridges, veneers and periodontal treatments.

When done with proper care and immaculate precision, this procedure can bring about a positive change in your day to day life.

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