Bridges are a very popular method restorative method to repair the loss of a tooth. You can lose a tooth for many reasons such as improper care, unhealthy eating, drinking habits or because of an accident. The gap that a broken tooth leaves however not only looks awkward but it can also be detrimental to the health of your adjacent teeth due to the lack of support. An open gap can easily be attacked by infection or incur in furtther injury.

Imagine your mouth as a machine and each tooth as an integral part of it. The loss of even a single unit can hamper the balance of the whole system. A bridges procedure can restore the balance and harmony of your teeth, protecting them from any potential threat.

Bridges have been a solution to broken teeth issues for a long time. Though more advanced methods such as implants have come into prominence today, many people still prefer to handle this issue the conventional way. If the neighbouring teeth are in perfect health, an artificial tooth is attached to them, creating a firm bridge over the gap. This procedure provides additional strength to the teeth and is considered to be a long lasting solution.

Our strength lies in treating our patients in the most caring manner. Our dentists at MM Family Dentistry would only suggest such a procedure after thorough diagnosis.

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