At MM Family and Sleep Dentistry we look after the complete happiness of our patients. Treating a patient requires not just knowledge and skill, but also an understanding of a patients well being. Our dental clinic in Hamilton is dedicated towards providing quality dental health for our patients and we take all the necessary measures in order to ensure we do so.

The procedures we undertake are free from substances or practices which may have adverse affects on your health. Our practice is amalgam free and the substances that are used as fillings or to prepare crowns are used only after an analysis of their compatibility with your body.

At MM Family and Sleep Dentistry we comply with high levels of quality and safety measures expected by the industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of restorative methods, which will help you to make your teeth amalgam free too. Using state-of-the-art equipments, our team of practitioners will conduct the procedures in the most efficient manner, without making you uncomfortable or insecure about your tooth health at any point of the process.