Cavities occur when germs on the teeth change sugar into acid. This acid dissolves the tooth surface and creates a cavity.


The three most important ways to prevent cavities include the following suggestions:
  1. Clean germs from the teeth by improving oral hygiene
  2. Eat fewer sweet things by changing snack habits
  3. Strengthen the teeth against acid by using fluorides
Oral Hygiene
Brushing is a skill which must be taught and practiced in order to be done well. Children must be encouraged and assisted by an adult to carry out this daily routine. The most important time to brush is before bed, as the acids produced at night will sit on the teeth and not be washed off by saliva while asleep. Making sure that children brush after meals and before bed will help promote this healthy lifetime habit. Flossing of teeth may begin as early as three years of age, as soon as the primary molars are touching snugly, but is not encouraged until the permanent teeth have all erupted, around age twelve. This procedure removes plaque from between the teeth, a common place for decay and gingivitis to begin.

Eating fewer sweet snacks helps to prevent cavities. Tooth damaging acid is produced for about 30 minutes after every sugary snack. More frequent sweet snacks leads to more acid attack and thus more damage to teeth. In fact, a chocolate bar eaten all at once will cause less tooth damage than snacking on little pieces of it throughout the day. If sweets are only eaten with meals, such as dessert, the plentiful saliva in the mouth at this time will be able to protect the teeth from tooth damaging acid. One must learn to replace sugary snacks with those healthy for teeth.

Strengthening the Teeth
Although tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, it is easily weakened by cavity forming acids. Scientists have discovered that fluoride has the ability to strengthen tooth enamel against acid attack. There are many forms of fluoride, and they can work together to build up tooth resistance against attack.

In Conclusion
If you choose to follow the suggestions outlined in this blog, you can really reduce or even eliminate tooth decay. This office is committed to preventing dental disease and with your help, it can be done. If you have any questions related to the information presented here or to any other aspect of dental treatment, please ask us!

Dr.Lawrence Yanover, DDS

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Academy of General Dentistry

2min2x Campaign Improves Children’s Oral Health

Although it’s been just a little over a year since the launch of the Kids’ Healthy Mouths campaign, the results of a recent survey show that the campaign already has made a substantial impact on the oral health habits of children. The survey, which was administered by the Ad Council to more than 1,000 English- and 500 Spanish-speaking parents, indicates that more parents report regularly monitoring and maintaining their children’s oral health, and subsequently, more children are regularly brushing.

A joint effort between the Ad Council and the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives, which includes the Academy of General Dentistry, the Kids’ Healthy Mouths campaign stresses the importance of brushing for two minutes twice a day. According to the Ad Council survey:
  • More than 50 percent of parents surveyed have seen or heard the Kids’ Healthy Mouths public service advertisements (PSAs).
  • Compared to data collected before the campaign launched, significantly more parents in 2013 reported that their child brushes at least twice a day (55 percent of English-speaking parents in 2013, up from 48 percent in 2012; and 77 percent of Spanish-speaking parents in 2013, up from 69 percent in 2012).
  • Parents in 2013 also were more likely to report their child brushes for at least two minutes each time (64 percent of English-speaking parents in 2013, up from 60 percent in 2012; and 77 percent of Spanish-speaking parents in 2013, up from 69 percent in 2012).
Since its launch in 2012, the campaign has received tremendous media exposure through widespread TV, radio, print, and outdoor PSAs, in both Spanish and English. The campaign has been embraced by media outlets throughout the country, which have donated more than $33 million in free ad time and space. Additionally, the campaign website,, has received more than 1.3 million visitors since last year’s launch.

“The AGD is very proud of its involvement in this important campaign, and we are thrilled that 2min2x is already having such a positive impact on children and their caregivers,” says AGD President Linda J. Edgar, DDS, MEd, MAGD.

The campaign recently launched a text messaging program that offers children’s oral health tips to parents on their cell phones; parents can subscribe by texting “BRUSH” to 30364 or by visiting the home page.

In the upcoming months, the campaign will launch a new mobile game app for kids and their parents and a new national in-school oral health education program that aims to reach low-income and minority children and their families. Additionally, English- and Spanish-language brochures will be distributed to dental offices this fall.

For more information and to access the campaign toolkit, visit
Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives

Valuable Oral Health Information

Just a Click Away!

The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) has several web-based information tools aimed at helping patients weed through the endless stream of dental-related information circulating on the web.

 ODA Website
Whether you are preparing for a complicated dental procedure or looking for informative tips on brushing and flossing, the ODA’s website has all of that and so much more.
The site’s search feature makes it easy to find what you’re looking for!

ODA Facebook Page Canadian Dental Health

The ODA and Canadian Dental Association work together to bring engaging and informative oral health information to patients.
New items are posted several times a day — check often, and don’t miss out!

ODA YouTube Channel OntarioDentalAssoc

To help patients weed through the endless stream of dental- related videos, the ODA selects informative videos that are then reviewed by ODA-member dentists.
Don’t forget to visit often to see new videos!

We Are Expanding!

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It is with great pleasure that we announce, our two new operatories are almost complete! 

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