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A news article published by CBC News "The National" on October 17th, 2013, explained how an increased number of Canadian preschoolers are requiring day surgery under general anesthesia to treat cavities and severe tooth decay.

A report from the Canadian Institute of Health Information calculated that about 19,000 Canadian preschoolers per year are having this type of surgery. On average, these children were anesthetized for 82 minutes to treat cavities and extract teeth. These figures only include hospital surgeries, not the thousands more that are done in private practice settings, like our dental office.
Here at MM Family and Sleep Dentistryour entire staff team knows how important it is for all children to receive dental treatment for the maintenance of healthy teeth and mouths. Especially since cavities and other untreated oral infections can lead to "poor growth, behavioural problems, poor learning, and sleep loss," as cautionned by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA).

Following the recommendations of the CDA, we promote that every child's first visit to the dental office occur soon after 1 year of age. This is a preventative step. It allows us to provide important information to parents, and to provide families with tips that they need to make sure their children maintain healthy teeth. 

Did you know?
The #1 reason for children to undergo general anesthesia in Canada is to receive dental treatment.